Why Customer Segmentation is Key in a Gaming & Digital Marketplace: Bartłomiej Woźniak, Head of Digital Categories, G2A.COM

Why Customer Segmentation is Key in a Gaming & Digital Marketplace: Bartłomiej Woźniak, Head of Digital Categories, G2A.COM

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Digital Entertainment Marketplace

The digital entertainment marketplace is experiencing a significant transformation, propelled by advances in technology and changing consumer behaviours. In 2023, the global online entertainment market reached a value of nearly $442.6 billion and is projected to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 17.96% between 2024 and 2032. By the end of this period, the market is estimated to reach a staggering $2041.33 billion.*

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We spoke to Bartłomiej Woźniak, Head of Digital Categories at G2A.COM, one of the world’s largest and most trusted marketplaces for digital entertainment. Bartłomiej plays a pivotal part in managing both sides of the marketplace, ensuring balanced growth and a successful business model. In this article, he talks about the dynamic nature of the digital entertainment marketplace, which is evolving rapidly to meet the changing demands and preferences of consumers globally. He shares insights about G2A.COM’s strategies that are aligned with these evolving trends and why customer segmentation is the key.

Why Customer Segmentation Is Key

One of the most significant challenges for G2A.COM is balancing its global reach with a localised approach, as customer preferences and mindsets vary significantly across different countries and G2A.COM has a vast pool of users (buyers and sellers). 

Thus, for G2A.COM, what is most important is the proper segmentation of users, Bartlomiej highlighted. He believes that this is vital for targeting specific groups effectively. With accurately segmented users, G2A.COM tailors its offers, marketing strategies, and advertisements to suit each group’s unique preferences and needs. This targeted approach leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

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Giving an example, Bartlomiej explained – When it comes to selling a product like GTA V on XBOX, the success of our marketing efforts will largely depend on how well we segment our target audience. To achieve this, we need to consider several factors that can help us identify the most promising groups of potential buyers. These factors may include the type of device they use (in this case, XBOX), their geographic location, the kinds of games they tend to play and enjoy, their age, and their gender. By analysing these variables and understanding how they intersect, we can create a more targeted and effective marketing strategy that speaks directly to the needs and interests of our ideal users in the marketplace.

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Bartlomiej also explained that at G2A.COM, they use different CRM tools for managing their users i.e., both the buyers and sellers on the G2A.COM marketplace. For example, a while ago G2A.COM developed the Seller Supreme Program which is a tiered recognition system for only verified sellers based on quarterly turnover. Offering benefits such as dedicated account managers, lower offers commission, reduced transaction fees, and faster payout processing, the programme aims to reward and support sellers as they advance through different levels, creating a more dynamic and rewarding selling experience.

Bartlomiej said – What’s more I want to stretch out our 2023 successful Diversity Campaign and its effectiveness. For the first time, we targeted new groups, not only hardcore gamers but also increased our efforts to casual gamers and women specifically. We launched another excellent brand campaign in the fall of last year, G2A.COM’s Birthday Campaign, which announced that G2A.COM had opened the Gate2Adventure in online entertainment. Through these efforts, we want to ensure the best digital adventures are at your fingertips and democratise digital entertainment. Those two most special campaigns delivered great numbers. Just to give you an example, a Diversity Campaign delivered over 100 media coverages in a short time. We have noticed that many viewers (33% in the US and 26% in Spain) were intrigued enough to watch the main Diversity Campaign spot, which lasts over 4 minutes (!), until the end. Nowadays this is a huge achievement, rare even for 30-second spots! Additionally, we have seen significant growth (+11.4% in the US and +16.9% in Spain) of brand-related Google searches (phrases including “G2A”) from those, who wanted to learn more about G2A.COM.

Today we focus on increasing our local presence in G2A.COM’s core markets: the UK, Spain, and the USA, but we plan to expand into other markets, like Canada, Australia, and Germany. The global approach to marketing allowed us to establish a renowned worldwide recognition, but it needed a particularly personal touch that individual markets require.

Currently, we are concentrating on delivering different campaigns in different countries. The latest example is Valentine’s Day, which is extremely popular in the US (there are V-Days lessons in schools; Americans send enormous numbers of love cards in the world(!)), so we created a special offer for this occasion, but we do not forget that there is a large group of users who do not celebrate this holiday, so we perversely made an offer for anti-Valentine’s Day (playing with convention).

We understand that our users often purchase our sellers’ digital assets as their first-ever purchase, with teenagers or kids assisted by their parents being our target audience. We are happy to welcome and serve all of them as the ultimate destination for digital entertainment.

He further added that Integration tools are also crucial for seamless adaptation to a chosen CRM. For instance, compatibility with platforms like Jira, Confluence, or even basic functionalities like importing lists from Excel can significantly save time and streamline workflows; hence, at G2A.COM, they work with integration tools as well, Bartlomiej said.

Braze and Segment Integration for Effective User Segmentation

The integration of Braze (Customer Engagement Platform) and Segment (Customer Data Platform) offers a powerful combination for enhancing user segmentation. By leveraging Segment’s robust customer data infrastructure, businesses can collect and consolidate data from various touchpoints across the user journey. This unified data is then seamlessly fed into Braze. The synergy between these tools allows for a more granular and dynamic segmentation of the whole bases.

Source: Massive Rocket

With Braze, marketers can utilize this rich, segmented data to create highly personalised and targeted campaigns. The integration enables real-time data flow, ensuring the segments are always up-to-date and reflect the latest customer interactions and behaviours. This results in more effective marketing efforts, as messages are tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and actions of different groups, ultimately leading to increased engagement, customer loyalty, and conversion rates.

In gaming, the digital entertainment marketplace is not just about play but has become a versatile medium for creativity, consumer spending, and advertising. Total global gaming revenue is anticipated to grow from $227 billion in 2023 to $312 billion by 2027, marking a 7.9% CAGR.^ Live events, including sports and live entertainment, are also witnessing a resurgence, especially notable in esports, which is one of the fastest-growing sub-sectors in Entertainment & Media. Marketplace trends have been significantly evolving and G2A.COM has adeptly aligned itself with these shifts.

Here are some of the prominent trends in the gaming and digital marketplace and how G2A.COM is aligned with them:

Source: G2A.com

A surge in demand for digital entertainment: Bartlomiej shared that during the 2020 pandemic, a surge in demand for digital entertainment, such as video games, subscriptions, gift cards, VOD services, and music, was observed. G2A.COM responded by expanding its offer to include these categories, meeting users needs and supporting business growth, exemplified by the inclusion of items like subscriptions (for example Spotify or Netflix), gift cards (for example Zalando or iTunes), or software.

Bartlomiej explained – G2A.COM delivers the best digital adventures at your fingertips and democratises digital entertainment. We open up to new user segments (not only hard gamers but also casuals) and actively acquire them – we plan to push the positioning towards “all digital gradually.” A significant change came after the pandemic when people were forced to stay home and looked for a new form of stationary entertainment. We will keep the offer for demanding users, but we’ll also broaden the reach. We want to make access to digital entertainment more democratic. G2A.COM’s ambition is to become a brand accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, location or interests. The global approach to marketing allowed us to establish a renowned worldwide recognition, but it lacked a certain personal touch that individual markets need.  

Rise of digital influencers: Another key trend is the rising impact of digital influencers. Bartlomiej highlighted that G2A.COM was among the first in the gaming industry to engage with influencers, leveraging their reach to expand its market presence.

Source: Pexel.com

Daily, G2A.COM works with top brands of new media and technologies such as Google, Facebook and TikTok. In its portfolio, it has over 2000  partnerships with influencers from around the world (including the largest ones like PewDiePie, Forsen, Towelliee, and Kripparrian) who promote the democratisation of access to digital entertainment. They have a long history of supporting sports, starting with e-sports. G2A.COM has supported over 70 events and invested more than $12 million to promote e-sports. Since last year, they have also been supporting Drift Masters, a fast-growing sport that appeals to various audiences, including families. G2A.COM also works directly with around 300 video game developers and publishers as part of its proprietary G2ADirect programme. At the same time, the company cooperates with many entities from the gaming industry, such as Wargaming, Gigabyte, Logitech, MSI, Razer, Gameforge and IGN.

Transition from physical to digital entertainment: This is also a notable trend. Most entertainment content is moving to digital formats and cloud-based platforms, with consumers seeking instant, device-agnostic access. G2A.COM has been proactive in this area, being an early adopter in supporting and promoting esports, which aligns with this digital shift.

Bartlomiej explained – we saw very early on, that there was a trend to move from boxed distribution into the world of digital, even though much attention of the rest of the industry was focused on boxes themselves, and decided to follow that trend. In 2010, when we started G2A.COM as a regular retail store, almost 70% of the market was physical, and in 2014 when we decided to move on to the marketplace format, it was only 39%, and in 2018 it was only 17%. In 2023, it was 5%. We decided that instead of being the sole distributor, we would set up a marketplace where we would allow sellers and buyers to meet in a safe and secure space and put emphasis on facilitating the selling and buying process itself. 

About G2A.COM

Source: G2A.com

G2A.COM is the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for digital entertainment, where more than 30 million people from 180 countries have purchased over 100 million items. Users can choose from more than 75,000 digital offerings including games, DLCs, in-game items, as well as non-gaming items such as gift cards, subscriptions, software or e-learning – sold by sellers from all over the world. G2A.COM leads in online security, awarded with the prestigious American CNP award alongside companies such as Microsoft, Barclay’s Bank and First Data.

Bartłomiej’s Career Journey

Bartlomiej’s career journey at G2A.COM, spanning 11 years, is a tale of passion, determination, and success. It began with him as a partnership consultant, playing World of Warcraft and selling G2A.COM to fellow players. This unique start combined his gaming hobby with work and was initially met with doubt. Eventually choosing to align his dream job with his gaming hobby proved to be an excellent decision, initially met with scepticism but ultimately earning admiration from both family and friends. With time, he transitioned to managing product descriptions and seller approvals, gaining valuable experience along the way.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bart%C5%82omiej-wo%C5%BAniak-82956818a/

One of the most notable episodes in his career was G2A.COM’s transformation from a retail store to a marketplace in 2014. This change opened up new opportunities, allowing Bartlomiej to introduce new categories and drive business expansion.

Another pivotal moment in his career was in 2018 when he and his team shifted to the marketing department, marking significant professional growth from the days of being a small team with big dreams. His journey, from a few individuals in Poland to a global marketplace, illustrates the power of embracing one’s passion and turning it into a successful career.

Bartłomiej’s incredible journey began at G2A.COM from the very start, and he has been an integral part of the company’s growth. Today, he leads a dynamic sales team and manages a crucial sales area.

Final Thoughts

When asked about his advice for the readers, this is what Bartlomiej said, 

Always keep your focus on your customers or users and their needs. By closely observing their behaviour and purchases, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences and offer them the solutions they require. Remember, your customers/users are the heart of your business, and by understanding their needs, you can provide them with exceptional service and build lasting relationships. So, keep a watchful eye on your customers and inspire them with personalised solutions that exceed their expectations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accurate user segmentation allows businesses to develop targeted marketing strategies that effectively address the specific needs and interests of their ideal customers.
  2. A  targeted approach leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  3. The integration of Braze and Segment offers a powerful combination for enhancing user segmentation.
  4. Segment’s robust customer data infrastructure enables businesses to collect and consolidate data from various touch points across the user journey.
  5. With Braze, marketers can utilise the rich, segmented data to create highly personalised and targeted campaigns.
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