Celebrating Half a Decade: Massive Rocket turns 5

Celebrating Half a Decade: Massive Rocket turns 5

Celebrating Half a Decade 🎉

Dear Friends,

This year, Massive Rocket celebrates five years of existence.

We’ve tried so much stuff, worked really hard and made so many mistakes but overall, it’s been pretty awesome 🙂

We wanted to take the time to reflect and thank our wonderful customers, partners and team members. We love being part of your story and growing the data & CRM community together. 

Where and Why We Started

We went from just a few nerds with no plan to a worldwide group of colleagues from different origins and a strong company culture.

Olivier Croegaert, Founder & Technical Director @ Massive Rocket

Massive Rocket was founded in the UK and started from the simple wish to be able to serve customers and work with technology partners in the way we believed was right. We just wanted to do cool stuff with cool people (fun fact: plan A was to make an agency, plan B was to sell pancakes). 

Team Achievements

The Last 5 Years

Sometimes we joke that over these last few years, we’ve seen Brexit, Covid, a recession, a war and another recession… but we’ve somehow managed to have a lot of fun together.

Great company culture can’t be faked because it’s the shared values, standards and day-to-day actions of the individuals within the company that truly define its culture. It has been a pleasure working with such a diverse, talented and hard working team and long may it continue.

Kar Hay Ho, Founder & Product Practice Lead @ Massive Rocket

We take a lot of pride in the work we have delivered for our customers (Euroleague, Aman, Deezer) as well as the partnerships we have developed (Braze, Segment, mParticle, Snowflake, AWS).

EMEA & US Teams

Massive Rocket was born a UK business but we’ve always had roots in different countries. When we started out, this turned out to be a disadvantage. It made us work harder to build relationships and grow the business. Over time, the hard work paid off and our Global nature has allowed us to build a diverse workforce with a 50/50 gender split and team members around the world.

With half our revenue coming from the US region, we have had to grow the team out there and establish new methods of delivering projects to ensure continuous delivery and the best experience for our customers. Having founding team members across both regions has enabled us to do exactly that. 

Macedonia Team 

In 2021, we welcomed our first Macedonia explorer, Milena Stojanov.

Being part of this company’s journey has been an incredible ride. From a small group of passionate individuals, we’ve grown exponentially in both size and expertise. The sense of fellowship and shared vision that binds us together is truly remarkable. 

Milena Stojanov, Senior Data & Integration Consultant @ Massive Rocket

Today, the Macedonia team, with its smart, kind, hardworking and passionate culture grew into one of our most advanced centres of excellence.

APAC team 

We also welcomed the inception of the new APAC team led by Mitra Daram, who skilfully brought together an exceptional group of individuals.

The team that we have built out here is special. While aligning with Massive Rocket core values, the team bring it’s own layer to the culture through the history and depth of experience we have in the IT & Data industries over the last few decades.

Mitra Daram, APAC & Data Engineering Practice Lead @ Massive Rocket

The team has grown impressively to +15 members in 12 months and is projected to expand further, reaching an estimated 18-20 by the end of the year.

The Next 5 years

When we think about the next 5 years, we somehow feel that our core mission – making businesses more human – is more relevant than ever. 

5 years after starting, I am still blown away every day with the team’s commitment to our customers, our partners and to each other. Everyday our team wake up and works relentlessly to get better at what they do individually, as a team and as a company.

Thierry Sequeira, Founder @ Massive Rocket

The world is changing faster everyday. Our customers, partners and team will need to figure out how to adapt and what the role of Humans will be in this future. They will need to understand what skill will be needed and how to get there. 

We feel that this is the most exciting time ever to be building a company dedicated to serving all our stakeholders. Our ambition is to build an organization that Inspires, Educates and Executes faster and better than any other else in the world. More to come on this very soon 🙂

Thank you for the most incredible 5 years, 

The Massive Rocket Team

James Hunt
James Hunt

Designer & Journalist at Massive Rocket Massive Rocket helps companies use data to understand their customers, build beautiful experiences and automate communications across channels to generate predictable growth.

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