Massive Rocket Unveils Braze to Salesforce Connector

Massive Rocket Unveils Braze to Salesforce Connector

Salesforce and Braze Integration

Massive Rocket is thrilled to announce the launch of its Braze to Salesforce connector. After over +100 Braze engagements, the team at Massive Rocket (Certified Level 4 ‘Orbit’ Braze Partner) have consistently witnessed brands (both traditional enterprises undergoing digital transformation and rapidly scaling startups) selecting Braze over Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to communicate with their customers across channels.

As businesses commonly maintain customer records in both Salesforce and Braze, it has become increasingly important to synchronise these systems in order to maintain accurate customer data. Recognising this need, Massive Rocket’s engineering team has developed a bi-directional connector between the two platforms.

Braze and Salesforce Integration 

While Salesforce is widely recognised for its powerful sales and services solutions, businesses have been upgrading their Customer Engagement capabilities with the implementation of Braze instead of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) in order to move faster and be more agile.

As illustrated in the diagram below, these forward-thinking companies continue to leverage the core products offered by Salesforce while integrating Braze instead of SFMC to accelerate their marketing efforts. By doing so, they are able to capitalise on the strengths of both platforms, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive approach to their overall customer engagement strategy. This combination enables businesses to unlock new opportunities, drive growth and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.


There are several compelling reasons why businesses are increasingly choosing to replace Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Braze. The reasons include:

1. Braze’s intuitive User Interface: Braze offers a user-friendly interface designed specifically to empower modern CRM teams to work efficiently and unleash their creativity. Braze’s UI enables teams to move quickly and effectively in their marketing efforts.

2. Future-proof architecture: One of the standout features of Braze is its forward-thinking architecture and technology. It is built to seamlessly integrate with evolving ecosystems, ensuring compatibility and adaptability over time. By avoiding vendor lock-in, businesses can maintain flexibility and keep up with emerging trends.

3. Support for real-time use cases at scale: Braze has strategically developed its infrastructure from the ground up to handle real-time data streaming from multiple sources. This means that businesses can rely on Braze to deliver personalised marketing messages at scale, even within the most complex environments.

Massive Rocket’s Braze + Salesforce Connector (

Designed to streamline and expedite the integration process between these two systems, this connector empowers businesses to seamlessly bridge the gap and leverage the combined power of Braze and Salesforce. With this innovative solution, organisations can unlock new possibilities, enhance their marketing capabilities, and optimise their customer engagement strategies. 

This innovative solution allows businesses to synchronise customer data and preferences between Salesforce and Braze, ensuring consistency while remaining fully compliant with data protection regulations. With this seamless synchronisation capability, organisations can optimise their marketing efforts, deliver personalised experiences and foster stronger customer relationships across both platforms.

Braze + Salesforce Connector functionality

Historical data import: Import historical data from both Salesforce and Braze, allowing businesses to have a comprehensive view of their customer information. Seamlessly synchronise essential customer data and relevant Salesforce objects into Braze (contacts, accounts, preferences, …).

Real-time integration (bi-directional): Enable real-time synchronisation between Salesforce and Braze, ensuring that customer data and preferences are consistently updated across both platforms.

Monitoring and maintenance: Leverage robust monitoring and maintenance capabilities to ensure the connector operates seamlessly, providing businesses with peace of mind and the ability to address any issues promptly.

With these key features, our connector empowers businesses to streamline their operations, enhance data accuracy and optimise their customer engagement strategies by integrating Salesforce and Braze.

How to get started? 

Get in touch if you’re interested in exploring the possibility of migrating to Braze and integrating with Salesforce. Schedule a scoping call to find out more information on the migration process for your business; reach out to us today to start the conversation.

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